Essay The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth

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The idea of Global Warming made a first appearance in the nineteenth century from scientists, such as Svante Arrhenius, who “argued that variations in trace constituents—namely carbon dioxide—of the atmosphere could greatly influence the heat budget of the Earth” (“Svante Arrhenius : Feature Articles”). In other words, elements in the atmosphere could significantly change the Earth’s heat depending on how much radiation was contained in the atmosphere by those elements. This proposition was later expanded and the term global warming was first used in a 1975 article by Wallace Broecker who said that humans would cause an increase in global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels. The term global warming has now become vastly used all over the world with developing debates whether humans are to blame and if global warming will have an enough negative effect on the Earth. Scientists claim this to be a reality with many others stating that humans have not created a large enough impact to global warming to cause catastrophic events. Scientists believe the Earth is only in a mere cycle where the Earth’s temperature is a response to normal changes in the world ecosystem. Global warming is indeed a very threatening issue that is presently changing the world because of human contributions to global warming, currently visible effects on our earth, research that prove Global warming needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
Humans have been a major cause of global warming for…

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