Essay on The Effects Of Energy On The City Of Anchorage

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INTRO With the rise in climate throughout the State of Alaska creating problems especially within the rural villages, the city of Anchorage is in the heart of most of the energy production, as well as the North Slope Region. From manufacturing, natural resources in oil to creating energy from all forms (hydro, solar, wind, etc.), a solution to produce more energy for the city of Anchorage is essential. Energy production is the most crucial element when it comes to creating power and resources for any city, especially in Anchorage. Companies such as Chugiak Electric and the Municipal Light & Power provide power to homes and companies throughout the Anchorage bowl and surrounding towns. Energy productivity is monitored from how much energy is produced and how much is used. If you take greenhouse gas emissions for example, energy is used but the outcome brings a negative outlook from groups such as environmentalists and scientists that are studying how the Arctic sea ice is breaking away from the Arctic itself. Using the statistics of how much energy is being produced and the productivity of energy are two elements that can be used if the city wants to create a better alternative to create efficient energy that uses outside sources. Part of the planning is to also create more cleaner energy for the public that use the daily transportations, parks and recreation, and for home safety. Transportation is a big factor due to most of the public transportation vehicles (buses,…

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