The Effects Of Eating Disorder On Eating Disorders Essay

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Meet Emma, she is a twenty-one year old girl who has been struggling with an eating disorder for five years. Emma reached out to her friends one night, but after that night the topic was left alone, and so was she. She felt alone so she turned to the internet to find someone who she could relate to. (McColl) In the massive void of the internet it is possible to find almost anything from cat videos to websites that are helping teens slowly kill themselves, also known as pro-eating disorder websites. When logging onto these sites Emma would come to find quotes like “Coffee and smokes/and cold Diet Cokes/That 's what pretty girls are made of,” (McColl). These websites told Emma to be beautiful she must be thin. The worst part is Emma knows how dangerous these sites are, but she turns to them because she finally found someone to talk to (McColl). Eating disorders can cause many health problems and even become fatal. Pro-Eating disorder websites support nearly fatal mental illnesses, under the pretense that eating disorders are lifestyle choices not a sickness, when really they cause serious health problems and should be shut down in order to promote the health in young people despite claims this is censorship.
Pro eating disorder websites should be shut down, as they promote a mental illness and claim it is a lifestyle. Anorexia or Bulimia is not just the act of throwing up or starving yourself, anorexia or bulimia is the mental state that allows you to believe to lose…

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