Persuasive Essay Drugs

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Drugs have been an emerging problem in our society that has a tremendous affected on all age groups. Whether these drugs are legal or illegal, it has an everlasting effect on the individuals consuming it. For instance, some people become addicted to the drugs, there hygiene declines, but most importantly, they experience psychological and mental episodes depending on the drug. These drugs not only affects the individual using it, but if you are a woman and pregnant, it can affect your baby. When your child is born the baby can experience birth defects and also they too can become addicted to drugs. Our society continues to try and discuss ways in reducing the rates of illegal drug use. I believe a good way to about reducing the rate …show more content…
Not only will this law affect pregnant women who are drug users, but drug treatment facilities. It will also affect the families of those individuals’ pregnant women who are incarcerated because they will have to deal with their family member who will suffer with possible mental problems. Everyone should be entitled to receive some kind of help when they at a difficult stage in their lives. Incarcerating pregnant women who are found to be using harmful narcotics shouldn’t be thrown in jail. I believe the state of Tennessee should reconsider their decision on incarcerating pregnant women found using drugs. Like many experts on his problematic issue the state is facing, they should make women get drug treatment. Passing a law which gives prosecutors the ability to charge women with a crime doesn’t really help anyone. It doesn’t solve the problem, but only freezes for a certain period of time. The article discusses that they tried this method before, but it didn’t do much. This piece of legislation will not go into effect until 2016. Back in 2013 the lawmakers of the state have lessened the criminalization of mothers by enacting the Safe Harbor Act to give treatment to drug abusers. This approach guaranteed mothers will not lose custody of their children due to

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