The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay

1015 Words Oct 7th, 2015 null Page
Everyone has wanted a puppy or a kitten or any household pet one time or another in their life. All pets show love, compassion, and companionship to their owners and families. They can even bring and show people happiness, life, and laughter if something tragic is happening to them. Domestic violence is just one of many tragedies that the family pet cannot help out with. Many posters and commercials show a side to domestic violence the average person may not see. A magazine advertisement in particular shows a depressed dog in a grey background with a shadow of a man holding his fist. The advertisement obviously gets the attention of the reader due the color of the page, the animal being shown, and the text it includes. It is a serious and meaningful way to get the message of family violence to the reader, which is a trick they use in advertising. The color of the advertisement sets the scene and draws attention to itself. The gray color and background of the page exemplifies a mood of seriousness, depression, and isolation. The marketers who created the ad purposely chooses this color because of the serious nature family violence is. If the advertiser chose any other color, the ad would not obtain the message they want the reader to understand. The ad would be too flashy and immature. Another reason the advertisers picked gray is because it is a neutral color. Although the marketers do not want their ad to be settle and not captivate the reader, the seriousness and family…

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