The Effects Of Disabilities On Children And Children Essay

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Over a billion people in the world live with some form of disability. Not only do the disabled have to cope with physical obstructions, but as well as social struggles. Disabilities have always existed among society. Disabilities all vary amongst individuals. They can be either physical or mental, or both. It can be developed, or already present from birth, or caused by accidents or injuries. It can improve as well as worsen over time. It is a thing most people have to learn to live with, and can create a barrier to one’s life.
The importance of disabilities have not come to much consideration until the early 1800s. Before then, handicapped were highly discriminated against. In 1817, the first American school for the deaf was founded in Hartford, Connecticut. This school was the first school founded for disabled children in the western hemisphere. Another advance in education for the disabled were Braille schools, founded by Louis Braille . He was blind himself and created the Braille system for the visually impaired. By deciphering codes it allowed them to communicate through reading and writing. This gave the visually handicapped an ability to be able to do more than they were limited to, such as reading books or understanding signs. Due to numerous physical, social and policy barriers, people rose to make a change for the policy of the disabled. This paper will explain the major events that led up to the passage of the american disability acts, as well as its effects on…

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