The Effects Of Climate Change On Animals And People Essay

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The Effects of Climate Change on Animals and People Climate change has been a problem for many years. In recent years, our planet has been noticing the changes and outcomes of climate change. Plants in the Amazon and subarctic forests are trying to grow more towards the polar caps in search for cooler areas. Fish are moving up stream and changing breeding patterns due to the water warming up. Even animals are changing their migration patterns looking for cooler, more habitable areas to live. People don’t know who to blame for global warming or climate change, but scientist are on the search for the cause. Studies show if people don’t do anything to stop climate change, about ¼ of the migrating animal population will become extinct by 2050. ( Nature Conservancy 1). Climate change has been going on for a long time now and people re just now noticing the negative effects of it. There’s only so much the human race can do now to help stop climate change. “Many scientists believe greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions from human activities are to blame for global warming” (Ker Than 1). People also can’t forget about taking a huge toll on destroying animal habitats, now with the temperatures rising, climate change seems like it has just begun. People use cars and factories that release tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Climate change is the rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gasses in the atmosphere that have warmed the Earth, causing wide-range…

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