The Effects Of Childbirth On The Health Of The Baby Essay examples

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Giving birth at the hospital has become so normal in our lives that we can’t see any other alternative when thinking about childbirth. Due to the medicalization of childbirth, risks and fears of health complications can be addressed. However, it has led to women not truly being in control of their labor and delivery experience. Although medical practice comes in handy when there is an emergency, the medicalization of childbirth has created a social reality that simply state that women aren’t in control of their own labor and delivery. The outcomes of the medicalization of childbirth have good influences on the health of the baby but, negative effect on the women’s agency power and empowerment. It’s important to understand the process of medicalization and how childbirth has undergone that process. According to Riessman in the medicalization article, he defines medicalization as a process in which ‘medical practice becomes a vehicle for eliminating or controlling problematic experiences that are defined as deviant, for the purpose of securing adherence to social norms’ (Brubaker 2009). This meaning that medical intervention becomes an instrumental tool to control what is seen as deviant experiences with the intention of creating a norm for society. The history of medicine and science shows the history of efforts in attempting to control populations and solve what is thought to be social problems (Brubaker 2009). Therefore, doctors, who were mostly men, were seeking to…

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