Essay on The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Abuse Relived
Getting hit by anything hurts, and depending on what a person is hit with, it hurts more. For example, getting hit with a baseball bat hurts way more than somebody’s hand. However, when a child is hit by a family member, however, it not only hurts physically, but mentally. One slap they can get over, but constant abuse can imbed itself in the child’s brain and stick with them until they become adults. It can be helped but not all people who have been abused want help. They believe that they do not need help to get over their experience. Some would rather cut themselves off from the world and keep their experience to themselves, but that really does them more harm than good. A victim of child abuse needs to seek help in order to avoid harmful effects later in their future.
Abused to Depressed Children that are abused can grow up and develop major depressive disorder (MDD). Multiple things can cause MDD, but “stressful life events and childhood abuse are considered to be critical for the development of depression” (Yumi et al., 2015, p. 1). Childhood abuse is a major cause of depression in adulthood. When added to the stress of life, someone who has lived through abuse could feel as if the world is caving in around them. The reason for this is because childhood abuse “also affect factors related to MDD, such as growth, personality, cognitions, and behavior, as well as increasing sensitivity to life stress in childhood and adulthood” (Yumi et al., 2015, p. 1). A…

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