The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment Essay

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What is pollution? Pollution is undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities so that the environment becomes harmful or unfit for living things. Various types of pollution exist, including water, air, personal, noise, light, radioactive, thermal, visual and soil. Human beings are involved in different daily activities that contribute to the contamination of the environment leading to the different types of pollution. For example air pollution refers to the contamination of air, which results in health effects in both humans and animals. The purpose of this paper is to make an analysis of personal contribution to pollution and discuss ways through which I can minimize environmental pollution. The first section of the essay will focus on my personal contribution to pollution by analyzing my diary from three days.
My diary describes a routine for three days, from Friday to Sunday. The diary outlines some activities that contribute to pollution. The diary outline is as follows:
07:30-Wake Up, 07:35-Turn on the lights, 07:40- Take a shower, 07:50- Brush my teeth, 07:53- Get dressed, 08:00- Eat breakfast, 08:05- Drive to the local high school to volunteer, 12:00- Go to lunch, 13:00- Return to school, 15:15- Leave school and drive home, 16:00- Arrive home, turn on lights and AC, 16:05- Watch TV, 18:00- Make dinner, 19:00- Do school work, 21:00- Sleep
06:30- Wake Up, 06:35- Turn on the…

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