The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment Essay

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Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by harmful biological or chemicals. Pollution causes serious harm to the environment and it is attributed that it is among the reasons why we have global warming. With harmful gases being emitted in the atmosphere there is dire need on how we can minimize the effects that causes air pollution, although some are inevitable there is need to put countermeasures in helping regulating harmful gases from being emitted to the atmosphere. Some of the cause which air pollution contribute to are
Health effects, some of the effects of air pollution is in our health. Harmful gases that are emitted to the environment can cause health related illness some may be short term or long time effects. Some of the long term effects may include lung cancer, liver damage, brain damage, heart disease and other related respiratory problems.
During the atomic bombing of Hiroshima it is estimated that the effects caused by the bomb is still eminent until now. Evidence of this is found in children who are born today with defects. The main causes of air pollution affecting our health may be in the long term effect but on the short term one can experience the effects such as running nose, throat irritation, and allergic reactions.
Environmental effects, contaminated air that is released in the environment causes damages to crops, animals bodies of water, forests etc. Air pollution is among the major contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer…

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