The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health Essay

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Air pollution is the gathering of gases, dust, fumes, and other harmful particles in the air. These large amounts of particles can cause damage to plants and other forms of life, such as humans. The substances that cause pollution are called pollutants. The pollutants are then exposed to directly into the atmosphere. Examples of pollutants include carbon monoxide from car exhaust and sulfur dioxide from coal combustion (1) In regards to human health, air pollution is linked to cancer, heart disease, strokes, and respiratory illnesses (2).
There are five main air pollutants, each is created from different activities and each poses a problem to human health. The first is nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide forms from motor vehicles and other forms of combustion processes. Exposure to a lot of nitrogen dioxide can cause lung damage or respiratory diseases. The second pollutant is ozone. Ozone comes from exposure of nitrogen and hydrocarbons, which are emitted into the atmosphere during summer and the beginning of autumn when smog is in the air. Ozone effects human health by causing problems in the lungs and irritation of the eyes. Thirdly, carbon monoxide is created with vehicle exhaust along with burning coal, oil, and wood. If carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream, it can unbalance the body’s supply of oxygen, which can lead to long-term health problems. Lead exposure occurs from the burning of lead additive and lead smelting. Before, lead was emitted from car emissions,…

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