How To Increase Air Pollution In China

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It wasn’t that people at that time couldn’t smell the suffocating smoke, but the warmth and energy that coal brought was more important at the time. Around 1980 there were 3700 factories inside Beijing, for a large agricultural country eager to develop, smokestacks were a sign of progress.

We had absolutely no experience or consciousness of pollution, nor the ability to control it. Major pollutants did not have any set standards. Even though the amount of coal burned wasn’t near today’s levels, the pollution discharged was enormous. In terms of PM2.5 levels, in 2006, the average concentration of PM2.5 was higher than it is today.
It was this year that China proposed saving energy and reducing emissions. Setting standards for sulfur dioxide and other major pollutants. Afterwards, air pollution started to decrease but the amount of fine particles affecting visibility increased, the amount of days with extremely high pollution increased and people started feeling strongly about pollution.
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But the risks that come from air pollution have become obvious. In the past 30 years, the death rate from lung cancer in China has increased by 465%. Even though smoking and an aging society are major factors in this statistic , but the risk of developing lung cancer associated with particulate matter is receiving increased attention.
Monitoring of PM2.5 levels started in 2012 and China implemented its “Air Pollution Prevention Plan”. As wages increased and information became more transparent, people’s expectations on the environment rose as

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