Essay about The Effects Of A Fat Tax On The Poor

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The poor would be the first people to feel the effect of a fat tax. The poor are more sensitive to tax changes on food because they tend to spend more on groceries and food items than their wealthy counterparts (Cornelsen et al. 2). These kinds of taxes are unfair and unjust because they fall so disproportionately based on income distribution (Williams and Christ 3). It would be bad for a fat tax to target low-income families because it is only increases the already large income gap that exists (Thow et al. 612). It is also unfair for those of lower income to be targeted.
My opponents believe that the poor and people from low-income families are the ones who are obese because they cannot afford the healthy food and preventative measures to keep fit and lean (Depleuch et al. 16). They believe that a tax affecting mainly the poor would be better because they already have the higher risk of diet related diseases (Brownell et al. 1602). There was a positive correlation found between nutrient dense foods, which are healthier for you, and higher income (Troesch et al. 6024). A committee assessing lower income families’ actions during a fat tax would be more motivated to alter behavior, which would result in better health of those people (Vallgårda, Holm, and Jensen 224). Other experts in their studies have not been able to see any kind of positive effect on health profiles of low-income groups during a fat tax, disproving the notion that a fat tax would aid their health more than…

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