Essay on The Effect Of Nutrient Loading And Eutrophication

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Eutrophication, a form of water pollution, threatens freshwater ecosystems and is the cause of many frightening deteriorations within freshwater environments. An influence on eutrophication is nutrient loading. To be able to examine the relationship between nutrient loading and eutrophication, one must: understand the basis of nutrient loading, the human contribution to nutrient loading, the problems nutrient loading poses to freshwater ecosystems, and the process of nutrient loading management. By knowing these main topics, one can better assess the negative impact nutrient loading has on eutrophication. Nutrient loading is the given number of nutrients entering an ecosystem at a certain point in time. A defining detector of nutrient loading is an increase in nitrates, sulfates, and phosphates within an ecosystem (Environmental Literacy Counsel, 2015). Furthermore, there are many contributing factors to nutrient loading, especially human activity. Human beings play an enormous role in contributing to nutrient loading found within freshwater ecosystems undergoing eutrophication. Human beings impact the process of eutrophication by adding to point source pollutants (Environmental Literacy Counsel, 2015). Point source pollutants, such as runoff from agricultural areas and combined sewer overflows, greatly increase nutrient levels within ecosystems. Specific freshwater biomes affected by human induced, specific point pollutants include: Lake Allegan, Michigan and Lake…

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