The Effect Of Concentration On A Group On The Placebo Group Essay

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When the supplemented β-Alanine group was compared to the placebo group, the researchers implied that there was a significant increase in muscle carnosine levels based on previous studies that demonstrated increase in muscle carnosine after 4 to 5 weeks of β-alanine supplementation. Exercise after 6 minutes showed a significant difference in pH values between the β-alanine and placebo group (interaction effect P=0.031). Acidosis decreased 19% in the β-alanine group compared to the placebo. Neither lactate, bicarbonate, nor base excess demonstrated a significant interaction or group effect. The researchers concluded that persistent β-alanine supplementation decreases acidosis in high intensity activity. There was evidence showing that carnosine may act as a buffer and be part of the enhancement caused by β-alanine supplementation in some activities. The strengths of the study involved both the methods and measurements. An obvious strength is that the experiment was randomized, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled. To decrease variability and confounding factors, the subjects did not consume supplements during and 3 months prior to the study and exercised normally throughout the study. Measurements were taken before and after supplementation to examine the significance in the differences between trials and groups. The doses of β-alanine increased as the study progressed, which allows to determine if there are significant differences in muscle carnosine concentrations…

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