Essay about The Education Of The State And National Level

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“Teach to make a difference. How, where and to whom you make a difference is up to you” (“Why Teach”). In the fall of 2015, the Georgia Department of Education sent a survey to 53,000 of its educators to attempt to understand why so many were leaving the profession so soon. Along with that in 2014, The Consortium for Policy Research in Education found the seven trends, both positive and negative, for the ever changing education field. Given the research that has been done so far at the state and national level, it should be obvious that the impact on teachers, the impact on students, and how education is viewed as a whole is at stake.
One similarity between the state and national research I that the teaching force is getting older. In the state survey the teachers were asked if they would recommend teaching as a profession to current high school seniors. “66.9% of teachers answered that they are either unlikely or very unlikely to encourage graduates to pursue teaching” (Owens). Going further into the data it seems “the likelihood of recommending teaching decreases amongst those that have been in the classroom longer, hitting a low for those who have been in the profession for 21-25 years. Interestingly, the chance for a recommendation increases slightly for teachers who have taught for 26 years or more” (Owens). Another similarity between the data is the overall rate of attrition. On a national level in 2013, “41 percent of new teachers leave teaching within 5 years of…

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