The Economic Significance Of Rainwater Essay

1527 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
City rain using can reduced city runoff volume, effective control city rain runoff pollution and control city soil and water resources loss; increased on city rain resources of utilization, surface River, and Lake and the groundwater, water of water relative reduced, conducive to maintained River, Lake, and groundwater source, natural water of normal ecological environment water; while, using rain supplies underground water can maintained normal of underground level, to makes regional atmosphere water, and surface water, and Normal water between soil water and groundwater circulation and water transfer system has been significantly improved, to restore the natural water cycle. The economic significance of rainwater management is to reduce the residents’ water utilization in order to save water expense.
Alternative benefits of rainwater, rainwater collection and use, can greatly reduce the amount of urban surface runoff can reduce urban storm drainage pressure drainage network, reducing the load on the sewage treatment plant, improve the efficiency of sewage treatment plants. Utilization of urban rainwater can replace the City tap water for ecological environment of water and other water can greatly save city water diversion, the marginal cost of water , saving water resources, improve the efficiency of water use, reducing social and economic losses due to lack of water and guarantee sustainable utilization of urban water resources and urban sustainable development. To…

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