The Economic Crisis Of The United States Essay example

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Our Economic Crisis Have you ever had a problem so large or intimidating that you didn’t even know how, or where, to start solving it? That’s how most people feel about the economic situation our country is in right now. According to Al Jazeera, some 50 million people in the U.S. are currently living below the poverty line, and even more are considered to be below middle class. That seems like a big problem by itself, but the real problem is that our country lacks the economic mobility that allows people to move up the ladder to a higher class. To solve this huge problem, we must first think about some of the causes and try to solve those. Two of the main causes are the lack of good health care and education in the U.S. We need our government to step up and fix our terrible education and health care systems so our economy can begin to grow again. With our current education system, very few people are able to get a good high school education and even less are able to get any form of higher education. In our high school system, only the people in rich neighborhoods get really good education. As Thomas Friedman puts it in The World is Flat, “if you went to an elite private school or a public school in a wealthy neighborhood, you got an education that reinforced innovation and creativity, while the worst public schools focused on just getting kids through with the… basics” (361). What he means is that our children are being educated unequally, which means that the poorer…

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