The Economic Benefits Of Slavery Essay

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The economic benefits of slavery were too large to ignore, although the North was more liberal and quicker to distance itself from slavery publicly, as a whole it was still very involved. Without the large plantations of the South, the visibility of Northern slavery was usually well hidden and publicity of slavery virtually non-existent. While most believe the North was completely against slavery, the surprising fact is the North were just as involved with slave trade as the South was involved with the use of slaves, especially when one considers the triangle trade.
Having climate and territory unsuitable for large scale farming, New England’s economy was based on manufacturing and fishing. New England’s coastline had been established as an ideal location for shipyards and ports because of the steep drop in the seafloor relatively close to shore, the discovery of rum made the shipping that much more valuable because of the Transatlantic trade or triangle trade. More and more ship builders especially in Rhode Island were building slave transport ships. Watson (2008) wrote “By the middle of the eighteenth century, upwards of twenty ships per year sailed for Africa from the tiny colony, most of them from the city of Newport. Two-thirds of Rhode Island’s fleet was engaged in the slave trade. Over the next century, more than 60 percent of the North American ships involved in the African slave trade were based in Rhode Island.” Nearly every aspect of the New England…

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