The Economic Aspects Of Euthanasia

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The world today is full of suffering. Many diseases are not curable, so it makes one’s life awful and gives a great encouragement to die. Even the fast progress in medicine does not give opportunities to save someone’s life or reduce her pain. However, in this world people have euthanasia, which comes from Greek words, Eu (good) and Thanatosis (death) meaning “Good Death”(“A General History Of Euthanasia”). As well, euthanasia is the proper term for mercy killing – practice purposely ending a life in order to simplify the pain. At present, euthanasia is not acceptable to be used on people in most States. However, individuals should have the right to end his or her life by euthanasia because of individual freedom, suffering caused by …show more content…
Patients will want to reduce their suffering because of the physical and emotional hardships they are facing, and also becoming a problem to the family, and to friends. For example, in the article “Economic Aspects of Euthanasia” it discusses how patients fear of becoming financial burdens to their families, the article states, “Compare the cost of thousands of dollars for treatment or a mere $ 35.00 for drugs in an assisted suicide.”( “Economic Aspects of Euthanasia”). As a result families that do not want for ill patient to die get into debt, and those patients often feel guilty. Patients also become extremely depressed because they may want to complete their lives by doing activities they enjoy, but knowing that it is not possible because they are severely ill. Since patients see that enjoying life is not the number one priority anymore, they may want a simple way out with euthanasia. Other people may not want to suffer. Every person has different amount of pain he or she can bear. Families do not want to see their loved ones suffer of medication doses they are given. Michael White who is the member of the Board of Directors at the Death with Dignity National Center gave a speech on “Should Physician- Assisted Suicide be Legalized?” He stated “Physician-assisted suicide should be lawfully medical procedure for competent, terminal ill adults, because it is a compassionate response to relieve the suffering of dying patients.”(“Should Physician- Assisted Suicide be legalized?”). Patients feel unwanted pain, and they should have the right to choose when it is time to leave this

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