Essay about The Echo Of The Digital Divide

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The Echo of the Digital Divide

Before we may determine if online hate material may be regulated, we have to consider if the Internet can be sufficiently monitored in limiting the dissemination of hate speech. Despite attempts to embargo harassing transmissions in the form of filters, IPN bans, and reporting for content removal, the incongruities between international laws restrict the limitations invoked on actionable material. Web sites may proclude ‘fault lines’ by requiring the user, as a homogenising practice, to sign up for exclusive site content. In turn, account confirmation acts as a passport barring direct entry (via membership) for those who do not subscribe to the site’s particular (racial) practices. The requirement of login access to sites allows discussion to commune in secrecy. As well, accosts the individual through pervasive rhetoric, demanding from the user ‘a call to arms’. Ultimately, conscripting him or her as citizens of the online community. Furthermore, an individual may change his/her IPN to VPNs encrypting their identity/location. This ability consequently obfuscates recourse in addressing actionable material. A web admin, in attempts to circumvent regional jurisprudence, may set up ‘satellite networks’ across a globalising framework. Subforums, domain changes (.org, .eu, .se), and different accounts are used to promulgate prejudice and promote racial discourse. Such practices are masked under the guise of: educational narratives furthering…

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