Essay The Dying Young Film By Hillary O ' Neil

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First I will give a brief introduction about the Dying Young film. Hillary O 'Neil is a pretty and young woman. She has a bad luck in her work and love life. She is Victor Geddes’s nurse. Victor is 28 years old, rich, and shy. He has battled leukemia for several years. Victor’s father, Mr. Geddes also has a role in this film.
The film revolves in the form of dramatic romance. Hillary O 'Neil discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her, and decides that the incident is the starting point toward another life and a new job. She finds an ad for a nursing job in a newspaper. The only requirements are youth and beauty. Mr. Geddes is seeking a registered nurse to take care of his son Victor, during chemotherapy treatments. Hillary begins to work as a private nurse for Victor Geddes; a young man who suffers from leukemia. Mr. Geddes calls from Japan, where he is on an extended business trip. He knows that Victor hired Hilary instead of a trained nurse and is worried, but Victor assures him he is getting on fine. Over time, Hillary and Victor fall in love. Victor has undergone chemotherapy and when he finishes it, he suggests to take a vacation with Hilary. Hilary feels that he will die at any time. Victor uses the morphine to kill the pain and Hilary discovers that, and finally told him she loves him and she tells him she will never leave him. If he is to die, she will be there when he takes his last breath. Slowly they walk outside and drive away, leaving the house and all its…

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