Essay on The During The Elizabethan Era

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During the Elizabethan era, a simple illness such as the flu which is curable today would have been a death sentence. 1558-1603 were not the best years to get an illness in because the medicine was not even close to advance as they are now. Over the years new types of medicine have been synthesized in order to prevent people from getting sick. Most physicians during this era based their philosophies on the teachings of Hippocrates and Aristotle. Poor living conditions and poor diet led to many sicknesses suffered by both the rich and the poor.
Doctors in the Elizabethan time were not extremely keen compared with today 's doctors. They based their practices and examinations off of myths and stories rather than facts. Today if a doctor were to do that they would most likely get fired from their job because it is very dangerous to prescribe a patient medicine based of what the doctors thinks the patient needs rather than what is actually needed. The way the system worked back in the Elizabethan Era is not much different from today’s because there was kind of a social class type of thing going on. If you didn 't have the cash to see a Barber, Physician, Surgeon, or Apothocaries, then you would regularly go see the normal housewife. These housewifes that new some about restorative issues were alluded to as Wisewomen. So the whole poor social class of that time would simply go see a Wisewomen. . In the text it stated, “only the very wealthy would receive the ministrations of an…

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