Essay The Dst Project Is Going Great

874 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
SVA Meeting / Tuesday 6 October 2015 / 15:30-16:25
Attendees: George, Lei, Judith, Thomas, Anton

Judith’s management updates
- Positive news. There’s lots of it. We’re at 74% of our annual revenue already and George is at 75% of deal target. The DST project is going great. After endless negotiations with the British Council, it turns out they are really happy with executive summary Georgin and Sarah produced. Lei’s Sustainability report has been the topic of much positive internal buzz. George’s feedback on the South Africa document was really appreciated by M’hamed and sales alike, maybe especially because George was able to deliver great work even though it was only last-minute. World of Research 2015 appears to be of great interest to many people, ten copies have been sold so there is no risk of it being a failure, and the book seems to have put Analytical Services on the map.
- Neutral news. o Office 365. It turns out our SharePoint was full and the offered extensions were small. So, George has been investigating and preparing the team’s migration to Office 365. The environment seems to serve and it turns out everyone already has an account for it. Should we redesign the folder structure for Office 365? We might look into this in January or February, but at the moment it doesn’t seem pertinent or sensible. How much of the current SharePoint should be copied? For now we only seem to need the content of the 2015 folder. George will do so and send everyone some short…

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