Essay on The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb

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August 6, 1945, the dropping of the atomic bomb is still one of the most controversial debates still going on today. So, after putting a few ideas together and selecting a topic about what the role the Military had, or if they had any say in dropping the atomic bomb for my project. The query that I am interested in is during the summer of 1945, to what extent do some of today scholars’ interpretations of the documents /memoirs; suggest that the atomic bomb was a brilliant military move to end the war or was it an excuse to impress the Soviets?
To begin with the secondary sources that will be most relevant to this project would be recent articles, debates, polls, surveys, and even articles about the events that led up to the decision to drop the bomb. These types of sources will help me review the variations in the interpretation of American scholars today, and the Japanese’s perspective in order to compare them with some of the primary sources and even some of the secondary sources written around the time of the bombing. Some of the secondary sources that provided a lot of information about debates were J. Samuel Walker, who wrote “A Search for Middle Ground, ” he addresses a fueled debate among well-known scholars (Walker, 2005). Another debate that will aid in my research is Alperovitz, Messer, and Bernstein, even though there is some conflict between the three this will aid in helping to answer why there is so much controversy around the decision (Alperovitz, Messer, &…

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