The Dream Act ( Development, Relief And Education For Alien Minors

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Many people argue that America has no culture. America Does have culture and beautiful combination of the culture of thousands of immigrants who settle in the US annually. These immigrants have brought their culture to the US in one-way or another. They have made changes in the country, whether through economy, education, work, or military services. Immigrants continue to move to the US so that they can live better lives.

The DREAM ACT (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) is proposed legislation that allows young and high achieving illegal immigrants to serve in the US military and continue with higher education. This act will open opportunities for population that is essentially already American and who through academic achievements and clean criminal records. Also, the bill will allow eligible young immigrants to attain legal citizenship status. Those minors must pass background check and demonstrate satisfactory moral behavior, graduate high school and complete their additional prerequirements. Passing the DREAM ACT is essential to the United States Armed Forces because it will increase the number of high-qualified recruits for the military. This will be beneficial for the country and the army. This paper argues in favor of the DREAM ACT. These children are minor and their parents brought them. They had no fault or say in their parents’ decision to immigrate to the United States. Dr. Amelie constant, a specialist in immigration issues…

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