Essay about The Douglass 's Narrative Of The Life Of Federick Douglass

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Federick Douglass was one of the most crucial and vital slave, who went through the great awful positions and difficulties of the 19th century slavery that he incredibly express in his autobiography “Narrative of the Life of Federick Douglass.” This book gives a better idea of how the 19th century slavery was and also explains the working conditions that he went through form his each masters, difference between the rural and urban slavery, gender difference in slavery and a lot more. He escaped from the brutality of slavery in the age of twenty and later became an anti- slavery advocate. Federick Douglass met with William Lloyd Garrison who is the founder of American Anti- Slavery Society, in 1842, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. During his confrontation with Garrison, Douglass was talking about the barbarous “domestic institution” that he endure in his past life.
Federick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, near Hillsborough, in Talbot County, Maryland, to a slave mother, Harriet Bailey, and, in all possibility, to her white master, Captain Anthony. He was separated from his mother from his childhood. Captain Anthony was not a humane slaveholder. Each day in his place was filled with sorrowful and bloody scenes. In his book, he explains his joy he received when whipping a slave. He demonstrate the brutality of Captain Anthony by illustrating the brutality he did to his own aunt. He says that, “the louder she screamed, the harder her whipped; and where the blood ran faster he…

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