The Double V Campaign And Ww2 During The Growing Demand For Civil Rights

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How important was the Double V Campaign and WW2 in the growing demand for Civil Rights between 1945 and 1968?

Before WW2 not much had changed in the Civil Rights Campaign: People still had the view of ‘separate but equal’ and the Jim Crow laws were still in place. However in the mid 60’s the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Acts made significant changes towards Civil Rights. The Double V Campaign and WW2 were important in the growing demand for Civil Rights between 1945 and 1968 to a certain extent. However Prejudice and Discrimination, Effective Black Organisations and Effective Black Leaders were all important factors too.

During WW2, over 1 million black men served in the armed forces, however everything was operated in segregated army units. In a result to this many officers talked about The Double V Campaign, which was soldiers wanting Victory in war and Victory in Civil Rights. This shows that black people wanted to improve the quality of their lives and how they were treated. Some black men were not allowed in vital war industries. In response to this black trade union leader, A Philip Randolf, in 1941 organised a mass protest march to demand an end to segregation. This shows that there were some black people who were willing to stand up to try and gain more civil rights. In WW2 the Americans were fighting against the Nazis and their aggression, however President Roosevelt realised they couldn’t challenge the Nazis behaviour while black Americans…

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