The Dome Of The Rock Essay

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The history behind the construction of the Dome of the Rock at its location is not surprising; not only is it located in a city that is significant to Muslims and Jews alike, but it is also built on top of one of the most sacred sites in both Islam and Judaism. The Dome of the Rock is situated in the heart of the old city on the historical site of both Solomon’s Temple and the second Temple--a location labeled by the Jews as Temple Mount (Grabar 38). In early Islamic Jerusalem, the small Jewish population of the city was once permitted to pray at the site (Peters 194). After the construction of the Dome of the Rock, however, the atmosphere of the area changed (Peters 194). Jews who were temporarily allowed to enter the Temple Mount area as caretakers exempted from the poll tax were eventually forbidden once again and excluded from the area that was newly consecrated by the Muslims and renamed the Haram al-Sharif, also known as the “Noble Sanctuary” (Bahat 93, Peters 194). The decision to build atop a place with religious significance in Judaism demonstrates continuity with the religion since the site is also recognized as holy in Islam. Therefore, the action gives respect to Jewish history and religion even though the religions are distinct and separate.
The location of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on the Haram al-Sharif is entirely significant as it both marks the location of Muhammad 's Night Journey and solidifies the city’s sanctity to Muslims while sharing a site…

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