Essay on The Documentary ' Blackfish '

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The documentary Blackfish brings to the public attention the aggressive behaviors displayed by killer whales in captivity. In particular, they focus on an orca by the name of Tilikum held in captivity, by Sealand and later SeaWorld, for close to three decades. Tilikum has caused the death of three people, during his time in captivity--- the most recent being that of Dawn Brancheau, an expert trainer for SeaWorld Orlando. Dawn’s death has sparked increased controversy for the popular entertainment park, most of it revolves around the conditions that the orcas live in. Through interviews with former trainers for the park, the documentary explores how these giant creatures are being damaged physically and mentally by being trapped inside a concrete pool their entire life. They present the argument that the hostile behaviors of Tilikum are a result of the stress caused by captivity. For the theme park, it has suffered financial and public repercussion after the release of this documentary. Killer whales are intelligent and social creatures, however humans have removed a number of them and placed them in confined pools for our amusement. Removing killer whales from their natural habitats does indeed have certain negative effects on these marine animals. According to a report released by The Humane Society titled “Killer Controversy: Why Orcas Should No Longer Be Kept in Captivity”, the mortality rate for orcas held in captivity is two and half times higher than when in the…

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