Essay on The Divorce Rate Of Divorce

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“The divorce rate of marriages is about 40-50% in America, that means half of marriages end in divorce.” So why is a thing that looked down upon them but now is so frequent? Well one huge issue is self- happiness. Both views on divorce will be discussed and hopefully you will understand why divorce is not good. My view on divorce is, even though you come across trials and tribulations that shouldn 't cause you to end a marriage in divorce. I believe that there are three major characteristics of a divorce: views on divorce, results of divorce, and ways to avoid divorce.
To start things off the meaning of divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. That means that you are legally calling it quits and becoming single and ready to mingle. Personally I am not in a divorced family, but I do have family that is impacted by divorce. Also I can see the results of a divorce. Now there are two views on divorce, the first is there is no reason for a divorce or the reason is threatening your well being or others. The other view of divorce is too do whatever makes you happy. The reason why I don 't believe that is right because nothing on earth will bring happiness all the time, there 's always ups and downs. Also I believe that is a selfish mindset, because in my opinion; life isn 't about getting yours and being as happy as you can be. Life is about making other peoples lives matter, and just knowing that will bring you happiness. Now I am not…

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