Essay about The Divorce Of A Single Parent Family Home

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Many families today grow up in a single parent homes or with blended families due to parents divorcing or remarrying with and without children from a previous marriage. Many parents try and stay together for the sake of the children to keep a; many try to maintain a positive family environment to keep the family together, but really the parents aren’t happy with staying in the relationship. My friend Mellissa in the other hand grew up in a single parent family home, due to her parents divorcing. When her parents divorced she was around her preschool age, four or five-years-old. She mentioned her reaction to her parents’ divorce was not as memorable as she thought a divorce would be.
In the first place, the relationship started off with constant arguing and bickering about the smallest things; they would fight about issues that would happen early onto the relationship prior to the marriage; the marriage started at a young age, younger than 25-years-old. But not being able to leave the arguments in the past. Her mother decided to have a baby (Mellissa); she thought that a baby would make the relationship better with a child. They stuck with each other still arguing with Mellissa until she was about 4-years-old they decided to have another child. What led her parents to the divorce was constant arguing so the father decides to end it and leave the family behind. Her parents didn’t go by the statistics of the 4 general trends of divorce being the 3rd trend tendency for the…

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