The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri Essay example

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The 13th century work, The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, contains a prime example of the many existence of many different personas under the umbrella of one name. The work is written by Dante, voiced by Dante, and focused on Dante, but none of these are the same person Each is their own entity that exists in different realms and forms than the others. The three forms include Dante, the person, Dante, the writer of the Divine comedy, and Dante, the pilgrim and protagonist of the work. The acknowledge of the separation of these entities is necessary because things that are true of one of the personas is not always true of the other two and vice versa. Specifically, the Pilgrim is created by the writer and used as an archetypical everyman to provide a relatable character to the reader. To do so Dante the pilgrim is humanized through the exhibition of his fear.
We can first start by examining the two entities that have a connection to the once living Dante; the person and the writer. Dante the person is how he existed as a human being back in the 13th century. This is the person who was from Florence and actually lived in our world. This Dante is the only one with no voice in the work, and who can never communicate to the reader. The next part, the author, refers to the voice of the work. Dante the writer is the voice the physical being used to create the work, not the physical person himself. It is easy to confuse the two because even though Dante the person did the…

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