The Divide Between Alexander Hamilton 's Federalist Party And Thomas Jefferson 's Democrat Republicans

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In American history, few ideological disagreements have been as important as the divide between Alexander Hamilton 's Federalist Party and Thomas Jefferson 's Democrat-Republicans. Both parties were led by brilliant men whose political arguments would lay the foundation for debates on the nature of government in America that are ever present in our national discourse. Hamilton thought America should drive ahead into the future as an industrial and mercantile powerhouse, whereas Thomas Jefferson felt that America 's greatness lied in the "yeoman farmer" and the agrarian traditions he represented. Both sought the best path forward for the young American nation and both would have a chance to put their theories to the test in their capacities as ministers in the Washington Administration and later, in Jefferson 's case, as President. In order to fully understand and appreciate their arguments, a detailed analysis of the two men’s backgrounds which helped shape their ideas regarding national power and state governments, and the creation of a national banking system will be presented herein.
Both men had different family backgrounds, but shared some similarities, Jefferson born into wealth and attended some of the finest schools in colonial America. His father was a planter and a slave holder he had “obtained more than one thousand acres along the Rivanna River, and he soon added four hundred more.” (pg. 3 Jefferson vs. Hamilton). Growing up in a slave owning household,…

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