The Diver Essay examples

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"The Diver"

Robert Currie's "The Diver", on the surface, recounts a diver's descent and ascent into a river as onlookers eagerly anticipate his fate. Beneath the surface, this poem is actually very spiritual. The diver's descent into the water, and his arising from the water, can be compared to the crucifixion of Jesus. Through the masterful use of imagery and Biblical comparisons, Currie depicts the message that rebirth and hope can captivate and revitalize our spirits.
An essential key to the theme of "The Diver" is through the subtle yet prevailing use of Biblical references. From the very beginning of Currie's poem, a simile is used when describing the "bridge like a Roman fort". This helps to set the tone that something
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The image of "the solitary figure" provokes a strong sense of despair, followed by his painful struggle "up the arch". The images give the impression that the events are unfolding in a captivating slow-motion means. It is like the dive is the one and only focus of the crowd; that it is all that matters for an instant in time. The image of the man with "his arms outstretched/ flung a cross against the sun/ and the whole world hung beneath him" is conceivably the most powerful of all the images in the poem. It provides a snapshot of frozen time and the held breath of the reader and the crowd. At the end of the poem, we experience a sense of revitalization as "his head broke the water/ shook a crown of sunlit spray/… new life/ thrilling in our chests". The imagery in the poem is a fundamental component to the overall theme of hope springing eternal and spiritual renewal. The message of hope and rejuvenation is portrayed vividly in Robert Currie's "The Diver". An event that happened over two thousand years ago is compared with a divers descent into a river. We learn that a seemingly insignificant event can enrapture our lives, if only for an instant in the course of our lives, and give us a sense of spiritual

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