The Discrimination Of Caste Discrimination Essay

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Society exists typically in a hierarchical manner whereby when one level is removed; another is immediately put in place. As a result, it is easier to find subdivisions in a particular group of people because this contributes to the exploitation of members that are considered to be of lower social significance but whose economic output is exploited. This is a notion that is exemplified by the documentary by Stalin K regarding caste discrimination in India (Kurup, 2007). According to Dalit Solidarity Network DSN (n.d. Par. 2), a caste system is a divisionary social and economic system whereby rights are accorded by birth and hereditary. As such, it is a never ending cycle in which the underprivileged are condemned to a life of suffering even before they are born. Such discrimination according to ILO (2011: 1) is prominent though less pronounced but the prejudice stems from social origins where individuals background determines their future. Although caste discrimination is prominent among the Indians, it continues to thrive because there are no adequate legislative measures by the authorities to change the existing system.
Systems are meant to guide and create an environment where co-existence is feasible, and that is often the likeability of societal perfection. However, society, as occurs in most settings, is built to favor one person over the other. In Stalin K’s documentary introduces the segmentation that exists in India where even a village is divided into upper and…

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