The Discrepancy of the Beginnign Essays

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Christianity and Islam have several similar aspects. Both religions praise the same God, although they each have a different given name. Muslims refer to their god as Allah, and Christians simply refer to their god as God. Both religions are monotheistic, and both even have a set of religious laws that all who are righteous abide by. Muslims follow the Five Pillars of Islam, while Christians follow the Ten Commandments. Both religions even have their own religious texts: The Bible and The Koran. Christian missionaries declare that The Bible consists of true narratives based on actual revelations, and establish that the Prophet Muhammad is an imposter. However, it is extremely possible that The Bible is nothing more than a book of …show more content…
By not naming any of Joseph’s brothers, The Koran focused solely on Joseph, and his faith. The Koran established Joseph as a prophet who exemplified the test of one’s true faith. Yet, in “Genesis” Joseph played a crucial role in the heroic magnitude of Christianity, and structure of The Bible. Still Joseph’s story in The Bible is nothing more than a tale of forgiveness, or reconciliation.
In The Koran, Noah is the first of many important prophets. The Koran gave emphasis to the prophetic aspect of Noah’s tasks given to him by God. In short, Noah’s mission as a prophet was to inform the wrongdoers, and to convince them to submit to God. If they refused to do so, Noah threatened them with anguish and suffering. Regardless, the wrongdoers rejected his warning and shrugged off his threats. Consequently, it became evident to Noah that his people would never take note of his word of warning. It was then that Noah ordered down God’s destruction of all who did not take heed to his forewarning.
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An important detail which is explained only in The Koran is that God acknowledged faith over blood. An example of this is Noah’s sons’ refusal to enter the ark because they did not believe in their father’s prophecy. Eventually, the flood killed Noah’s sons, as well as, the rest of the unbelievers. Given that

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