The Discourse Of Political Science Essay

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1) The discourse community I chose to study was Political Science, as it follows my major of Law and Constitutional Studies.
2) My discourse community communicates via email, research journals, face to face and through the American Political Science Associations various pages, for example, on the internet and through Facebook.
3) Professor Sharp polled his colleagues in the Political science department prior to our interview. He reports that they use writing at least 50% of their time. When Professor Sharp was employed by the State Department he wrote every day and he said, “You better do it well!”
4) One example of a non-verbal form of communication that is used amongst Political Science scholars would be the side eyed glances they give one another. Facial expressions are hard to hide.
5) The Political Science community is trying to decide how to quantify human behavior. Thus far they have been unable to come to a consensus on this. Human behavior is unpredictable and influenced by many factors, unlike math it isn’t something that can be viewed strictly as “Black and White”. In the State Department, Professor Sharp said they valued evidenced based writing. In other words, they wanted the evidence analyzed and his best assessment of it.
6a. I recently turned in an essay for Professor Sharp’s Comparative Politics class. It is this assignment that I am referencing in the ‘Questions About Assignment Instructions’.
1. Professor Sharp and his TA…

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