The Discourse Of A Discourse Community Essay

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Discourse Community A discourse community can be defined as a group of people who share the same interests, goals, ideas, personalities, passions, etc. Some examples of discourse communities include: veterans, college students, African Americans, Christians, travelers, billionaires, and police officers. Although I do place myself in a variety of groups, the discourse community that defines me the best is the soccer community. I have been playing soccer since I was six years old and it has remained a priority in my life ever since. Throughout my life, I have taken up many hobbies and sports, but soccer is the only one that I continue to play on a regular basis. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for soccer. The dedication it took has made me a better student and also a better person. Throughout my younger years I was a small player, and I had to compete with boys who had twelve inches on me. But not only did I compete with them, I surpassed them. I was, and am still a fighter. I don’t take defeat lightly and I can thank soccer for that quality.
The game that has the most remembrance to me is a game that I played six years ago. My team was playing against the number one team (Gloucester) in the division at their home field. They were a stronger and faster team than us and they proved that on the field. Gloucester was up by three goals with twenty-minutes left, but instead of quitting, my team fought as hard as we could on that freezing cold day and we…

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