The Disaster At Chernobyl Was Like A Cannon Shot Heard Across The World

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The disaster at Chernobyl was like a cannon shot heard across the world. On April 26th, 1986, the people living near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were about to experience something no one had ever experienced before. One of the units at the power plant, unit four specifically, failed spectacularly. An uncontrolled reaction within the reactor ended up blowing the top off of the reactor and caused it to spew out great amount of nuclear material. The meltdown was then led by a fire. In total, twenty-eight people ended up dying from either radiation burns or exposure to high amounts of radiation. This number of deaths directly related is still up for debate though as there is no clear source. Other sources even report that thousands more may have died from various causes due to the radiation that was spewed out into the surrounding area. It is also believed that the Chernobyl disaster increased the amount of people who got thyroid cancer within the area. The town that housed many of the workers, known as Pripyat, also had to be evacuated due to the high levels of radiation that were still present in the area. The area around Chernobyl remains abandoned to this day, although, it has become a popular tourist attraction.
Many people were involved within the disaster at Chernobyl. Those involved include the power plant workers, the emergency crews that showed up, the people of Pripyat who lived just outside the powerplant, and Nikolai M. Fomin. The emergency crews attempted to…

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