The Disadvantages Of Carceral Punishment Essay

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Unfortunately, the advantages of carceral punishment are overshadowed by the disadvantages. The penal system is highly parlous for a number of reasons; the uncertainty of the purpose of prison in a modern society means that it succeeds in achieving virtually nothing. There are numerous problems with the current system which can be summarised to the following: they are overcrowded, they are expensive, and they do not reform criminals. The prison population in the UK has been rising steadily since 1993 from 42,000 to today’s unprecedented levels. This has several damaging consequences. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons found that nearly half of all male prisoners in 2009 were more than 50 miles from their home; this has a detrimental impact on family relationships and limits the chances of a successful re-integration into the community which may cause for reoffending. Although some programmes are made available for prisoners to prepare them for release, for example qualification courses to aid employment, the extent to which the resources have to be stretched makes it near impossible to engage with the whole prison population. The Ministry of Justice paper from 2013 entitled ‘Costs per place and costs per prisoner’ found that the average cost per prisoner per year was £41,994. If this number is multiplied with the current prison population of 84,628 then that would total £3.5 billion (£3,553,868,232) for the current average yearly cost for the prison population. This…

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