The Director 's Style And Purpose Essay

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In a movie the director’s style and purpose can be determined by his or her unique approach in presenting the story. Beside the director, a movie that we watch is a collective effort of many specialist artists and technicians. Each has their own ways of highlighting their views to the audience. These film styles can be defined as political, economical and social representation of the director’s point of view. The film making styles can also have an effect on the audience’s perception of the movie. Realism and formalism are to major styles of film making that is used by most of the directors to present their work. Director’s use of different camera angles, camera lenses and settings represents their style of filmmaking.

Realism in a movie can be observed by filmmaker’s choice of creating a more documentary style movie, with less staging and greater feel of impromptu and natural representation (Film as Literature Resources, 2). Realism is all about giving the audience the real world feeling. In most realism movies we will notice more use of eye level medium shots and pan shots. To give the audience more realistic feeling they use handheld cameras and fixed cameras on tripod. The movie “ La Haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz can be a great example of realism film, however many critics has classified this film to be in the category of new realism. New realism is representation of neorealism from 1945-1950 period of filmmaking. This type of realism movies presents different…

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