Essay about The Digital Divide

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What are the causes and consequences of the digital divide?
To what extent is there a global dimension to this divide?
Is the divide narrowing or widening?

The digital divide marks the gap between those who have access and utilize Information communication technologies and those who lack access or ability (reference). Causes for this division have traditionally stemmed through economic circumstance. Due to the existing disproportions between countries economic situations, a large global dimension exists within the digital divide. Socio-demographic factors also significantly affect ones positioning on the spectrum of the digital divide. Through examination it becomes clear that the gap in some senses is showing signs of narrowing. On
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According to a 2008 survey, ninety percent of adults between the ages of eighteen to twenty nine use the internet, contrasting to this only thirty five percent of those over sixty five use the internet (Hwang 2008). This highlights the way the digital divide has widened as those from the pre-technical generation and generation of household revolution have fallen further and further behind (Korupp & Szydlik 2005). As a result, the division has worked at the advantage to those catorgised within the younger generation. It has enabled them with a potential competitive edge in the global market place. Through efficient use of these information communication technologies it is now easier than ever before to compete on an international scale (reference). Incorporating these devices into ones lifestyle so readily has equipped younger generations with empowering opportunities.

The gap between age groups within countries is still a dividing factor within digital usage, however it must be noted that the significance of this is declining (Chen, Wellman 2004). People are now being born into a world where the digital technologies such as the Internet are considered a tool for daily life, more intergraded than ever before. Flow on effects of this have resulted in people incorporating a range of technologies into their lifestyle from a very young age, through this they are able to adopt with advancements made

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