The Digital Divide Essay

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The digital divide is terminology that proposes that there is a gap between those who have access to modern technology and those who do not (Quinn, 2013, pg 452). It is a convoluted topic because consideration must be given from several perspectives. The focus group in the TED talk for this assignment seems focused on the very poor in Mexico, but also points out the limited reach of internet access across the world. Before considering responsibility, we would be to understand whether those “have nots” are motivation to use technology. We would consider their ability to understand navigation required to use the tool to its highest capability. Also, for consideration is whether their point of access in outdated and they have slow equipment or connections. Of all of the reasons for pondering, the one initially most important is motivation.

Even after listening intently to Aleph Molinari present his idea and the reasoning behind his efforts; the author is not convinced that it is her responsibility to bridge the digital divide across the world onto another continent. Our effect and influence on people starts with the people closest and radiates outward in a concentric circle. Philippians 2:4 is clear that we are not to “look only to [our] own interests” and Ephesians 4:32 tells us to “be kind to one another.” Technology is not a basic need for everyone.

The Kung Bush people probably will not be motivated to want technology and they are out of our reach. People in…

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