Technology And Religion Essay

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Although for years since the invention of the printing press science and religion have been in opposition in recent years the two sides have begun to merge to transform worship and practices of religions. Where many consider the use of technology as a hindrance to religious practices, in various ways technology is expanding and opening new ways of practice and worship for religions. As Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together, points out, “We make our technologies, and they, in turn, shape us.” As technology has become more and more available to all people, the style of worship and outreach of religions have had to evolve. The invention of new technology happens every year which can help or harm in the outreach, communication, and worship of …show more content…
The continual outreach to a fellow group member keeps them comforted and aware that they are not alone and they have an entire group helping, encouraging and rooting for the work that they are doing. The outreach to the ‘non-believers’ in the community is a vital part of a religion’s outreach and growth. With the use of technology, faith groups can reach more people in more ways than ever before through television programs, radio channels, podcasts, and media broadcasts. As Dale B. Sims says in his manuscript, “The Effect of Technology on Christianity: Blessing or Curse?”,

The Billy Graham Crusades, reaching millions of people via television, would not have been possible without the aid of technology. Earlier evangelists…were more restricted in their outreach during their crusades because of the lack of technology in their time.

The lack of technology hinders the spread and worship of a belief system. Not only can religions reach and evangelize to more people, the believers of a faith system can get access to sermons, books, and other religious needs from anywhere in any way as they need. As countries and religions are continuously becoming more diverse they are facing problems with culture and language differences. Today, technology can translate the holy books, information and sermons of religions as the need comes. As you can see technology has helped many aspects of the way people connect and worship with their fellow

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