The Digital Divide Within Education Essay

1235 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
This paper will endeavor to address the notion of the digital divide within education in Australia, define the digital divide in a global context and its relation to the economy and global labor force, focus on socioeconomic, culture & race factors and discuss how the emphasis on Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in modern Australian perpetuates inequality and favours some groups over others within Education.

The Internet has become essential to contemporary Australian life in countless ways, access to information has exploded, with the scope and detail of material available increasing daily (TINIO, 2002). For those who have kept up with ICTs the acts of sharing information, paying bills, purchasing fresh foods, finding the way in unfamiliar territories, organizing social activity and staying in touch with family members and friends, thanks to mobile technology, email, Global positioning systems(GPS) and social media services has never been easier. ICTs are influencing all aspects of life and these influences are felt more and more at schools because they provide students and teachers with many opportunities to adapt learning and teaching to individual needs. According to Tinio (2002) ICTs facilitate the acquisition and absorption of knowledge, offering opportunities to enhance educational systems, improve policy making and execution and widen the range of opportunities for both business and the impoverished.

According to the Department of Broadband,…

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