The Digital Divide In Education

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Within society, there come’s many societal issues. You may see technology mentioned more recently as one of many things within the society that has these issues. One that many may not know of is the issue that equity and access of technology brings upon a digital divide within the United States. “As record numbers of Americans go online, the gap between those who have access to technology and those who don 't may be widening” (Steele-Carlin). Certain income and ethnic groups are less likely to have a better understanding when it comes to technology due to them not having access to computers or the internet, which leads them to having a much poorer education than their “more fortunate peers” (Tran and Trippett). The quality of the materials …show more content…
These lower income individuals can’t keep up to date with newer technology as much as someone wealthier could. This then causes a digital divide in education because higher income schools can provide the newer and best technology for their students to use to learn. Lower income schools can’t afford newer technology and can’t use the best things for their students to learn. The digital divide is a gap between rich and poor and the technology being used. In education the quality of technology and equipment is different depending on the school and the income range within that school. Also, technology is growing at a rapid rate, which causes even more of a divide because everyone can’t afford to use it or have it. This is where equity needs to come into play because each school can have the same number of computers, the same newer technology, and a better understanding of the technology to implement it towards the school’s education, which will give students equal education opportunities. The future implications of technology use I believe there should be programs that treat all schools equally, whether they are a lower or higher income. Companies should donate more to help fund these schools so that they can afford better books and equipment. Extrapolated use of the technology will consist of better education, newer computers to use software that will help individuals study more. Better books, or using technology such as tablets with the books installed on them for the students to take with them. With these results, I can see that in the future the education system in the United States will improve. Technology in the education systems, whether low or high income, will help better the structure and organization of all students in the

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