The Digestive System Essay

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After being lifted from the plate and placed in the mouth, the poor pizza goes on a long journey through the digestive system and eventually is turned into waste after passing through the 6 primary organs of the digestive tract: the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus.
The process of digestion starts when Bob the pizza is placed in the mouth. The main structures of the mouth are the teeth, tongue, salivary duct and oesophagus. Bob is killed, being chewed on by the teeth, enclosed in a dark area where he can’t escape. After Bob is ground up by the teeth and moistened by saliva, he is nothing but some crushed up dough, chomped up pepperoni, squishy tomato and mashed up cheese. The saliva in the mouth contains an enzyme to speed up the digestion process called amylase. This helps to break down carbohydrates from the crust and base and turn them into sugars. The epiglottis then shuts over the trachea, ensuring that Bob travels into the oesophagus.
Bob reaches a 25cm long, malleable, pipe-like tube called the oesophagus, the next part of his journey. Bob only wait there for about 7 seconds before making it to the stomach.
The stomach is a C-shaped sack, made up of muscle. The unique stomach muscles break the pizza up into even smaller pieces, called chyme. The pizza chyme exit the stomach through the pyloric sphincter, which controls the flow of all food.
The pyloric sphincter connects to the small intestine; a long, thin, winding tube which is…

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