Essay on The Different Shapes And Sizes Of Nonconformity

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The Different Shapes and Sizes of Nonconformity Nonconformists come in various shapes and sizes. Henry David Thoreau, the author of both Walden and Civil Disobedience, is the textbook definition of nonconformity. However, nonconformity cannot be exemplified with a single definition. It can be exhibited in many different ways. Shia LaBeouf, a modern day actor, may not seem like a nonconformist at first glance, but if one takes a closer look it becomes clear that LaBeouf embodies numerous nonconformist ideas. A side by side comparison of LaBeouf’s and Thoreau’s ideas shows many similarities in their beliefs. However, not all of LaBeouf’s and Thoreau’s beliefs are the same. Society punishes both men for their nonconformity in comparable yet different ways. Henry David Thoreau and Shia LaBeouf have resemblance and contrast regarding their ideas, but both men can be classified as nonconformists. With a quick peek the naked eye may not see the similarities between Henry David Thoreau and Shia LaBeouf, however, if looked a little closer, the overwhelming similarities in their beliefs will become evident. Both men believe that society focuses and value idle possessions too much. Thoreau believes that a man is measured by his ability to go without possessions. In the piece of literature Thoreau wrote titled Walden he states, “For a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone (Thoreau 288)”. In other words, a man’s worth is shown in how little…

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